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How exciting: I just got a comment from pingback_bot, on this post. I had not been aware of the existence of such a bot before, but it seems a good idea. Explanation here.

(Well, it was exciting to me. But I dare say some of you have known about it for years, and had thousands such comments?)



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3rd Nov, 2011 15:42 (UTC)
I thought it was a great idea when it was announced, and indeed have known about it for years. I've probably had oooh.... one such comment :)
4th Nov, 2011 09:11 (UTC)
Probably one is the coolest number to have. No-one sensible wants to become a pingbank whore.
3rd Nov, 2011 16:36 (UTC)
Ah, news to me too - was this my doing?
4th Nov, 2011 09:10 (UTC)
Indeed, you have much to answer for.
4th Nov, 2011 09:50 (UTC)
OK, I admit it. I am the Comte de St Germain and I wrote the works of Shakespeare.
4th Nov, 2011 08:57 (UTC)
Yep, know about it, got fed up with it, banned it from commenting :O)
4th Nov, 2011 09:10 (UTC)
get you! ;-)

Edited at 2011-11-04 09:11 (UTC)
4th Nov, 2011 13:10 (UTC)
Like you I was slightly surprised when I first got a comment from the thing. I don't get many, but I imagine this could be really useful for journals aimed at a wider audience.
5th Nov, 2011 13:50 (UTC)
I knew about it, think I got pinged by it once and have seen it on some popular posts and communities.
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