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Went last night to see the play DNA by the Hull Truck company, which a friend's child's partner was acting in (gone are the days when our friends themselves had partners who were struggling newbie actors…). It's touring around, in Oxford tonight and tomorrow I think and then all sorts of other places.

This is quite a well-known play among kids, it turns out, being on the national curriculum. I guess about 80% of the audience were teenagers. I thought it was a very neat production and well acted – although the play itself, while it contains some powerful and in palces funny dialogue and individual scenes are strong, was a bit lacking in overall sense and plausibility in places. You can see how it would be good to teach around… but it's no Lord of the Flies, tbh.

If you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you'll like, I guess is the verdict. We had a good time, anyway.



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1st Mar, 2012 14:54 (UTC)
Sheesh - they need a proofreader for their story summary!
1st Mar, 2012 16:15 (UTC)
"unsettlingly raw" applies to teenage command of grammar as well as to their group dynamics.
1st Mar, 2012 16:11 (UTC)
'Ull trook coompaneh. Dialogue. "Yer wot?" "Eh?"
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