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When spam meets UCE

Now this is definitely a piece of automatically-generated unsolicited commercial email. But would you call it spam? I would, but I guess it's a philosophical as much as a technical question. If they'd sent the same message manually via our contact form, rather than scouring the site to scrape up an obscure email address from a newsletter back issue (or buying a spamming list that'd done that), I might regard it differently I think.

I've made a few notes about [your website] (I spend tuesday mornings looking around the web and then try and drum up some business in the afternoon). I hope you don't mind me dropping you a line, but I have some feedback about your site that might be useful to you.
I work for [redacted] (you might have heard of us, we are an award winning, low cost website design and promotion company that's just had it's 15th birthday and is probably the most recommended web services company in the UK).
I've noted down some important things as I looked at your site. I see you have Google analytics installed, which is excellent, but there are lots of things I would recommend you do to increase the number of visitors that find you in Google. If you'd like a copy of the official Google SEO (search engine optimisation) guide that we normally only send out to clients I'd be happy to ping you back a copy. Alternatively do a google search for "optimising my website for google" and you'll find all the details you need.
If you are interested in hearing how I think you can improve your website to get a lot more out of it for relatively little cost, drop me a line back and I'll go through the notes I made.
Complimentary Competitor Analysis:
If you like I can analyse your competitors with our in-house designed software which will give you an instant insight into how easy it would be for you to achieve a dramatic increase in website visitors, and a matching increase in your business. I can tell you a few sneaky facts about your competitors and see how many people are searching Google for exactly what you do. No charge, just be interesting to see!
I wish you every success with your website,
Have a great afternoon,
Kind Regards,

I was slightly curious as to what they were trying to point me towards with the recommended search term, and amusingly enough it's been hijacked by a couple of people who received the same spam a few weeks ago: this company's own product doesn't seem to appear at all prominently.



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18th Sep, 2012 13:38 (UTC)
I got very similar spam for my work!email. What do you mean, a Google search for Oxford University doesn't put us top? I think it does, actually.
18th Sep, 2012 13:45 (UTC)
A search for "best university in the world" doesn't – they might want to work on that :-)
18th Sep, 2012 13:47 (UTC)
Ah well, I think we're 5th at the moment. Think we ought to work on the cause rather than the Google result.

Wait, no. The other is probably easier :)
18th Sep, 2012 14:14 (UTC)
Yes, the "hijacker" page is a very adroit demonstration of How It Should Be Done, really, isn't it?
18th Sep, 2012 20:16 (UTC)
Hope he gets some business out of it! That would be appropriate.
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