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Some of these are quite baffling.
Any light shed, most welcome…



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28th Dec, 2012 13:03 (UTC)
WCZ 1401.
Isn't @ monkeys tail in Spanish?
28th Dec, 2012 15:44 (UTC)
Re: WCZ 1401.
If so, that page doesn't mention it, although it does refer to it being called monkey's tail in other languages (German, Dutch, Romanian etc).

The unusual novel use of it in Spanish is to indicate neutral gender, ie. 'l@s' = 'los/las'. But not sure why people would need to refer to Wikipedia for that.
28th Dec, 2012 15:30 (UTC)
I'm surprised, also, by the extent to which top hits are the name of the country. I've have thought Dutch speakers were above-averagely informed about Netherlands and wouldn't need to look it up. Unless they're all editing it :)
28th Dec, 2012 15:46 (UTC)
Mm, or maybe to reassure themselves that other people haven't been editing it naughtily?

(I don't think I've ever looked up the UK on Wikipedia. What might I be missing out on?)
4th Jan, 2013 14:51 (UTC)
I'd guess that UK gets looked up partly because so few people know exactly which bits of the British Isles are actually included in it. Indeed, a poll of US citizens a few years ago found that although most of them knew what and (roughly) where the "UK" was, over 60% of those polled thought that the "United Kingdom" was in the Middle-East!
4th Jan, 2013 15:38 (UTC)
28th Dec, 2012 22:13 (UTC)
The top in Vietnamese is sex positions.

And One Direction appears far too often.
28th Dec, 2012 22:20 (UTC)
That might also be a sex position, I suppose?
4th Jan, 2013 14:49 (UTC)
Tsk. People have put SO much work into that Optimus Prime page, and it doesn't even make the top 100?! Is there no justice?!

I'm actually mildly curious about just how little overlap there is between the stuff I look up, and the stuff that (apparently) everyone else looks up.
4th Jan, 2013 15:37 (UTC)
There's probably a cute little comparator tool for that somewhere!

(Please don't tell me the Optimus Prime page is about sex positions as well.)
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