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Quiz round!

We've got another London Road Community quiz coming up! – and as usual I'm asking you lot to be the hapless victims who test the hardness of the various questions. Thank you in advance!

So this is the connection round. As before, there's a connection between the ten answers (which are supposed to be fairly easy); and the earlier in the round you spot the connection, the more points you get.

(Ooh, the poll creator page has all changed. Let's hope this still works…)

Poll #1888371 Connection round

Which sport will be returning to the Olympics in 2016, having not been played there since 1904?

What film, starring Michael Caine and Stanley Baker, depicts the events of the Battle of Rorke’s Drift in 1879?

What early style of blues music originated along the banks of the lower Mississippi, south of Memphis?

At the 2012 Olympics, which was the largest country to win no gold medals?

What’s the name of the awards presented annually by the AMPAS?

What’s an alternative name for butter beans?

What was the name of the Greek nymph rejected by Narcissus because he was in love with himself?

Which car replaced the Cortina in Ford’s range?

The first ever Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to William Roentgen in 1901. What had he discovered, to merit it?

Which Shakespeare heroine fakes her own death with the help of a dodgy friar?

What's the connection, and how many questions did it take you to spot it?

I'm particularly interested this time to know if there were any questions you didn't get at first, but were able to fill in once you'd got the connection. And, of course, if there are any that are too hard, too easy, ambiguous, wrong etc…



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3rd Jan, 2013 15:18 (UTC)
I read through these questions and couldn't answer any of the first few. I got the name of the nymph, and Roentgen's achievement. And after a bit of thought, came up with the Ford car.

And then I got the connection, and went back and filled in answers for all the others (which may or may not be correct, since some of them are total guesses based on being the most plausible of the available answers!)

So, far too hard for me... until I spotted the connection!
3rd Jan, 2013 15:57 (UTC)
I wonder if I should have more of the easier ones near the top? Although I find it tricky to judge which ones are actually easier and which I just happen to know better.
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3rd Jan, 2013 15:42 (UTC)
Okay. I happened to be scrolling up the page so I saw the last "real" question first (to which I knew the answer). I scrolled up to the first question, knew the answer to that also, and spotted the connection there (but I may be more familiar with the thing that's connecting them than most, I use it quite a bit).
3rd Jan, 2013 16:03 (UTC)
Mm, one thing I wondered was whether younger people will be familiar with it. I kind of assume that eg. anyone who's in a job that includes taking down info from, or giving it to, other people will know it… but maybe not so much these days.
3rd Jan, 2013 15:49 (UTC)
I am obviously dim. Have glanced over, can answer 3 questions in total, and have no idea of the connection or what the other answers are.


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3rd Jan, 2013 16:01 (UTC)
It's meant for teams of eight people, so it should be pretty difficult for individuals. Hopefully your three answers would be filled out to 7 or 8 by the others in the team, and then looking at them all together, someone would spot it…
3rd Jan, 2013 15:57 (UTC)
With connection I get India, Lima, Oscar and am puzzled about the car. Surely Golf is a better car clue?

No idea about blues, sport or nymph
3rd Jan, 2013 16:00 (UTC)
Mm, maybe Golf would be better for the car. Although the correct answer is a very well-known car, I might be uynusual in knowing how it fits into their product history…
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4th Jan, 2013 15:29 (UTC)
Re: Absolutely Fabulous.
(India is the largest both by population and by area, good job I checked that :-)
3rd Jan, 2013 16:38 (UTC)
I don't think I know any of these (I mean, I want to give the obvious answer for the shakespear heroine thing, but there may in fact be more than the one character who fakes her death, and I've not actually read Romeo and Juliet so don't know if there's a friar involved). Makes it difficult to get the connection - but then I already know I'm terrible at quizzes!
4th Jan, 2013 08:35 (UTC)
Thanks for trying anyway, it's always useful to get a spread of different responses!
3rd Jan, 2013 17:01 (UTC)
Sorry to be negative, but I think this question set is broken.

The problem is, once you spot the connection you get the answers to almost all the questions for free (assuming you know the set from which the answers must be drawn). However, without that hint I think the questions are really hard. I wouldn't have got any of the ones I've marked with *s without knowing the theme.

Also, anyone who gets the first two questions will get the theme fairly easily I would guess. That seems a bit quick?
3rd Jan, 2013 17:22 (UTC)
I agree that golf and (especially) zulu should be further down the list. India, sierra and lima nearer the top, perhaps (geographical red herring).
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3rd Jan, 2013 17:20 (UTC)
Got Golf and Zulu, but was not really looking for the connection until I'd answered them all. Got Oscars only after dismissing Grammies, and then had to go back and change the largest country, Blues (wrongly!) and Roentgen.
4th Jan, 2013 08:26 (UTC)
The scoring system is such that you score more the earlier you guess, but you only get one guess so it has to be correct. There's a tension between guessing early when you're 80% certain, and holding on for another question to be 100% but scoring less accordingly.
3rd Jan, 2013 20:18 (UTC)
I just read the BBC story about McIlroy so it might have taken me a bit longer to get the first question otherwise but it was probably a bit easy once I got the link. That said, the only one I didn't know was Sierra. Perhaps you could do it in Only Connect style.
4th Jan, 2013 08:28 (UTC)
It is Only Connect style, in the sense that the earlier you guess the connection, the more points you get, but if you guess it wrong you can't try again. (Or did you mean something more subtle?)
3rd Jan, 2013 20:32 (UTC)
I only got the two women's names, noticed the connection, then went back and got most of the rest from there. I missed the style of music, and the award.
4th Jan, 2013 08:28 (UTC)
thank you! -- it's good to know that most of them can be filled in once the connection's known.
4th Jan, 2013 13:59 (UTC)
Knowing the phonetic alphabet made it incredibly easy for me to work out the answers as I had a pool of 26 clues to work from. I might have only got 3-4 without the link.
4th Jan, 2013 15:30 (UTC)
Good good, thanks!
4th Jan, 2013 14:08 (UTC)
It was Zulu and Juliet that did it for me. They were the only ones I got first pass until I worked out the connection and then worked backwards to get most of the rest with an educated guess/jogged memory.
4th Jan, 2013 15:30 (UTC)
Mm, Juliet seems to have been the clincher for a few people. Perhaps that should be a bit higher up.
4th Jan, 2013 14:37 (UTC)
As others have said, having got two answers on first pass (Rorke's Drift & Shakespeare Heroine I found easy), the connection between the two was easy... IF you know it.

Having got it, I reverse-engineered all the other answers, and was able to take a stab at ones that I would never have got in a month of Sundays without knowing the connection.

There are some words that so rarely crop up out of that context that (for me) the connection was a giveaway once reached, although if these questions are being read out one at a time rather than given as a sheet, it would be harder to do what I did.

Of course others found the Zodiac connection in your previous quiz easy, and I hadn't a clue about it!
4th Jan, 2013 14:41 (UTC)
P.S. My Dad was a fireman, and as a child, I was mildly obsessive about learning code languages, so I may be towards the end of the knowledge curve on that alphabet!
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4th Jan, 2013 16:29 (UTC)
Once I had the connection it was easy - I got Juliet and Xray straight off and then Echo
4th Jan, 2013 17:03 (UTC)
Aha, good, thanks!
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