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What I do

I make games for people to play and have fun with each other. Sometimes in the games people pretend to be other, more interesting, people. Sometimes they pretend to kill each other.

What do you do, using only the thousand commonest words? http://splasho.com/upgoer5/

(HT to vicarage, bibliogirl et al.)



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20th Jan, 2013 13:00 (UTC)
I think you win.
(Deleted comment)
20th Jan, 2013 13:19 (UTC)
that's ace!
20th Jan, 2013 13:43 (UTC)
That was hard
I help people from one place understand what those from another place say or write.

(neither "language" nor "country" were allowed)
20th Jan, 2013 14:55 (UTC)
Re: That was hard
I remember as a kid being quite surprised and confused that people from other places said and wrote things in different ways to me.

(Ooh, I hadn't expected 'surprised' or 'confused' to be in there.)
20th Jan, 2013 21:04 (UTC)
Re: That was hard
21st Jan, 2013 12:13 (UTC)
I write books and things, to help people understand about stuff to do with computers. I also read other people's writing and tell them how to do it right. Sometimes I make plans, and get other people to make them work; this is often harder than it should be, because some people just can't be bothered to read the plans in the first place. The complete people-without-fathers!

Easy. Peasy.
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