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Quiz: top ten dogs

This is another test round for the quiz I'm running next month. T will be at an evening class, so I'll be by myself (gulp). So this is the Top Ten round, which gives me a bit of a breather. The teams have to write down what they think are the top ten items in [category]. The previous couple of quizzes we did Greatest Britons and Biggest Towns in Suffolk. This time I'm thinking 'dogs'.

"Which were the ten most popular breeds of dog registered at the (UK) Kennel Club during 2011? You don’t have to get them in the right order, or guess what the numbers are: just say which ten breeds you think were the most popular."

Teams get five minutes to write down their ten answers. You can't write more than ten. If you'd like to write your ten guesses in a comment, I'll give the right answer in another post.

The thing to bear in mind of course is that the Kennel Club is not fully representative of British dog ownership (to put it mildly). 'Street' dogs are likely to be somewhat undercounted. I'm not sure whether to warn the teams of this explicitly, or to let them realize it for themselves: what do you think?

Are there any problems with the question, do you reckon? (Apart from: some people don't like dogs.)



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25th Jan, 2013 09:50 (UTC)
Are there any problems with the question, do you reckon?

Hard to say without knowing the answer, but two potential problems occur to me:

1) Depending on how obvious the answers are, it might be a very swingy question in which teams either score 1-2 or 9-10 depending on whether they have a team member with the specialist knowledge. (People like me will struggle to name 10 kinds of dog, never mind a specific 10!)

2) It might suffer from the Brontosaurus problem: if there are layman's terms for some kinds of dog which don't actually describe a single breed (eg. "bulldog") are those allowable?

And just for comedy value, here's my list:

Great Dane
Irish Setter
25th Jan, 2013 10:07 (UTC)
1) Mm, I might be overestimating the amount that people not interested in dogs (of whom I am one myself) have nonetheless picked up some idea of which breeds are which – ie. how specialist that knowledge is. It will only work well if an average lay person can get five or so.

2) People can use lay terms as long as they're specific. So eg. 'terrier' covers a multitude of breeds some of which are extremely different from one another. But 'bulldog' is fine, as that does describe one particular style of dog and maps pretty closely onto the Kennel Club definition.

3) You have 4 correct (and might get a 5th if you can pick one of the most popular types of terrier).
25th Jan, 2013 10:15 (UTC)
You have 4 correct (and might get a 5th if you can pick one of the most popular types of terrier).

Probably fine then.

What happens to excessively vague answers like that?
25th Jan, 2013 10:19 (UTC)
Not sure. I maybe should give a 1/2 for 'terrier'; 0 seems a bit harsh.

Unless I warn people in the briefing that answers like 'terrier' will not score: that might be best.
25th Jan, 2013 09:50 (UTC)
The hardest thing would be an outsider knowing the splitting of breeds into sub-groups. There are 11 Spaniels reported by
25th Jan, 2013 09:57 (UTC)
Yes… I framed it in terms of the Kennel Club's registrations because hopefully that gives a good idea of the level of specificity sought.

So, ideally, people will gather that 'spaniel' will not be a suitable answer. Given that, will they be able to hazard some guesses at what are the best-known types of spaniel?
25th Jan, 2013 10:33 (UTC)
My list would be:

Yorkshire terrier
Shih Tsu (or however you spell it)
Labradoodle (last thing I knew they were allegedly weirld popular)
Er... probably loads of Spaniels, let's have Cocker, Springer and King Charles.
And probably something else big-ish. Golden retriever?
25th Jan, 2013 10:46 (UTC)
6 correct! Not bad.

Labradoodles may be highly popular, but they aren't (yet?) recognized by the Kennel Club.
25th Jan, 2013 10:50 (UTC)
Really? Oh, I must be misremembering. I thought they were, but it looks like not. Wikipedia reckons they're still a "hybrid" not a "breed", too.
(Deleted comment)
25th Jan, 2013 11:48 (UTC)
4 correct! Interesting that everyone's said poodle: they're not even in the top 20. Must have a higher public profile than they merit.
25th Jan, 2013 13:03 (UTC)
Oh go on then....

Yorkshire terrier
King charles spaniel
Cocker spaniel
Springer spaniel
Golden retriever
German Shepherd

Like most people, I don't know much about the kennel club, official breed names, or what breeds people might choose to buy from a club, but I can at least spit out a bunch of names I've sort of heard of :)
25th Jan, 2013 14:12 (UTC)
That's 7 right! -- you're winning so far.

I don't think people buy dogs from the Kennel Club, I think they are the sort of registration body for breeds -- so breeders, when new dogs are born, register them with the KC and that guarantees their pedigree. (Although I might have that completly wrong. Hopefully someone who actually knows about dogs will post.)
25th Jan, 2013 14:19 (UTC)
Huzzah! :)

I like the question, because although the more you happen to know about the specifics, the more likely likely you are to guess more correct names, even someone who doesn't really know much can at least guess a couple.
25th Jan, 2013 13:20 (UTC)
Jack russell
Border collie
Border terrier
King charles
25th Jan, 2013 14:14 (UTC)
That's 5, although you did get one that no-one else has yet. And also the one which is 11th, which I'm considering giving a 1/2 point for as it's pretty close.
25th Jan, 2013 14:22 (UTC)
I'm really curious now!

There were a couple on this particular list that I considered as well, then didn't mention after all (guessing, rather than actual reasons) - Westie and Jack Russell, which I would have said are probably quite popular breeds. Certainly a friend of mine tried to buy a Westie a number of years ago and struggled because they were really in demand and had a huge waiting list :)
25th Jan, 2013 15:44 (UTC)
Maybe they don't breed very fast? Hmm. Westies are 14th on the list…
25th Jan, 2013 15:17 (UTC)
What about greyhound? Don't think anyone has mentioned them yet and they seem quite popular.
25th Jan, 2013 15:45 (UTC)
I think we perceive them as popular because they spend more of their time out being walked than most dogs.
26th Jan, 2013 12:08 (UTC)
There are a lot but they will be 99.9% ex-racers, not KC registered. And they are lazy buggers - 2x20 min walks a day, on the lead, or less if the weather is unpleasant :)
25th Jan, 2013 15:19 (UTC)
Only others I can think of but don't feel like they'd be that popular - red setter, old english sheep dog, st bernards, corgi.
25th Jan, 2013 15:46 (UTC)
Your feeling is correct, none of those are anywhere near the list :-)
25th Jan, 2013 15:21 (UTC)
Oh heavens, this is tough. Not a bloody clue apart from Labrador, which is a shoe-in
Golden retriever
King Charles Spaniel
Springer Spaniel
Yorkshire Terrier
And yes that's 11
25th Jan, 2013 15:48 (UTC)
that's 6 correct! -- although 3 of your others did feature in positions 11-20, which is pretty good I think.
25th Jan, 2013 16:10 (UTC)
Oh I'm pretty pleased with that, I think it's respectable - I hadn't looked at other people's lists when I did it.

Having had a look at other people's lists, and a think; I'd add Red Setter and Dalmatian, but I'm not sure which ones I'd remove....
26th Jan, 2013 12:09 (UTC)
You don't see many setters about at all these days...
26th Jan, 2013 20:17 (UTC)
I was overly influenced by the fact that I know one of them I think - I should have paid more attention to the broader sample I see in the park (the smalls will stop and say hallo to every single dog they pass, Tiny in particular has a routine that goes "Can I stroke your dog? Is it a boy or a girl? What's his/her name? She/He is SO CUTE!" Appealing, but can make for slow walks if we're trying to get somewhere).
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