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Quiz feedback

Just realized I never fed back about the recent quiz that many of you were so kind as to help me with. It went pretty well -- overall, the team scores were (50, 75.5, 78.5, 81, 82, 84, 84, 85.5, 85.5, 90) out of 102, so apart from one outlier they all scored capably. And the team that won deserved to.

The horses round turned out to be quite a good leveller, in that although all teams did fairly OK at it (scores from 4 to 8.5/10), the eventual winners only did mediocrely: their only weakish round. I'll have to try and work out why that was…

The Where and what? table round was a bit of a surprise to me, as all 10 teams scored at least 18/20. After the response on here I'd been wondering that it might be too difficult, but no. I guess either (a) having a team of 6–8 pretty much guarantees that someone will have that area of knowledge covered, or (b) having an hour or so to brew over the answers is immensely valuable. Or maybe (c) having physical printouts in front of you to pass around and scribble on, which I guess most of you didn't have, is immensely valuable?

The connection round I reordered the questions a bit so it wasn't quite so obvious from the first two, but it still was pretty obvious: one team got the connection after just one answer (!), four more after two, and three more after three. Still, as that's the last round of the night, it's no bad thing having it fairly high-scoring, to let people leave pleased with themselves.

The bloke who I've been alternating with can't do it any more, so I've go to do the next one again, in May. Gah! Hopefully we'll find someone else who can alternate with me from then: I really don't want to get stuck with doing it every time.

Anyway, thanks again for all your help; I think I'm slowly starting to get the hang of how to set these things.


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21st Mar, 2013 21:50 (UTC)
Seems like a healthy spread of scores - good work!
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