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Prometheus Unsound

Went to see Prometheus last night, and in the pub afterwards explicated a theory about how it was all to do with punishment for the Crucifixion, solar myth, Osiris, Prometheus the Titan as a Christ prototype, the Golden Bough and so on.

Came here this morning to share it with you all, only to find that some other so-and-so has already had basically the same thoughts, a week ago. Gah! And he's researched Scott's own apposite remarks as well, which I hadn't bothered to do.

In other news, for the few remaining people who haven't yet seen it, the film itself is pretty shamefully shoddy, with all kinds of crazy inconsistencies and plot nonsenses. But worth seeing for £5.70, which is all it cost at my local Cineworld on a Tuesday.

(Oh, cavalorn doesn't say anything about Frankenstein, which was also part of my theory. The subtitle of that novel is "or, The Modern Prometheus", because Frankenstein, like the Titan, dares to assume the godlike power of conferring life upon inert matter, and (spoiler alert!) suffers for his hubris. In the film, David asks (in the context of Holloway wondering why the Engineers created humanity) why humans created androids: the only-half-joking answer is "because we could". It seems pretty clear that Scott is flagging this up as a Frankenstein-like blasphemously arrogant act that merits, and duly receives, punishment.)



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(Deleted comment)
13th Jun, 2012 11:58 (UTC)
There is a fair amount of Stuff happening as well, it's not just pretty -- I think it does keep the attention fairly well. (It just doesn't really make much sense while doing so.)
13th Jun, 2012 20:04 (UTC)
Thanks for the link to Cav. Enjoyed that.
at current, the very last comment is the first (that I saw) to mention Frankenstein, but I hesitate to add a reply to that one (not least because it is from someone who hasn't seen the movie)
Good grief, having ploughed through the responses. Can we shoehorn in Bladerunner? How does this relate to Predator? Mostly, I despair of humanity.

Well done for coming up with the sacrifice motif yourself. I had got as far as 'Prometheus', what does that signify, but not taken it to Jesus, which is clearly (however woollily), in hindsight, intended, too. in some way.

Another question (in fact, the subject of Cav's first reaction tweet) was answered by mr_snips who said something like this re the behaviours of the crew after waking (I reconstruct his words from memory), "I assumed the process for suspension was in its prototype stages and buggy, and what we find is that it mildly deranges those who have passed through it." Which is brilliant - explains a lot.
13th Jun, 2012 20:40 (UTC)
Either that, or David funking around with their dreams while they were under had some sort of de-rationalizing effect.

(Also, dipping into those comments, I hadn't remembered that it was Christmas Day when they landed. Way to rub it in, Ridley.)
13th Jun, 2012 20:57 (UTC)
esprit d'ohbvious
>coming up with the sacrifice motif yourself

re the king who dies, rather than the undyingking
13th Jun, 2012 21:01 (UTC)
Re: esprit d'ohbvious
good spot! – the original Undying King after whom my business and this LJ are named, in a game I ran back when I was at school, sought to cheat death via wealth and power much like Weyland in the film. And met a similarly sticky end. I can't remember now, but suspect that plotline was prompted by the Golden Bough via Robert Graves's Greek Myths books.
14th Jun, 2012 08:41 (UTC)
In all of that, the bit that struck me most was that £5.70 is considered a bargain price for going to the cinema these days! That's only a shade below the price where I have to actually grit my teeth in order to actually part with the money!

I am not a Yorkshireman in name only!
14th Jun, 2012 08:50 (UTC)
Mm, and you can easily double that price, round here, if you choose the wrong showing.
14th Jun, 2012 10:25 (UTC)
Very interesting analysis which suggests that the film is a lot clever than it seemed to me when I was watching it.

I'm not sure I buy all of it. Here and there I feel the author is stretching the evidence to fit the point (the Dr Who name, for example) but the Scott quotes suggest he isn't completely off the mark.

However, it makes the film more interesting in retrospect!
14th Jun, 2012 13:14 (UTC)
Mm – just a pity that this level of retrospective interest isn't attached to a better film, one that we might want to watch again and again to pick up further clues.
14th Jun, 2012 13:21 (UTC)
Agreed. I was glad I saw it, but I have no desire to watch it again.
14th Jun, 2012 11:00 (UTC)
All the mystical space-jesus "hidden plot" is worth nothing if they hide it beneath a schlocky horror flick, though. I thought it was a pretentious piece of crap trading on a franchise that should have died years ago.

The most recent Penny Arcade strip is pretty good, though. I think it's this one (can't check because of the web blocker at work)

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