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Games blog

Gosh, it's been a while since I posted here, sorry about that. Rather hectic and in places stressful few months have left me little time for reflection. (And other such excuses.)

Anyway, the news now is that I've started a blog, at http://blog.ukg.co.uk. It is intended to gather together my ideas and thoughts about games -- those I've designed, played, dreamed about, whatever. It's only about hobby stuff -- not anything related to my work (which is also about games of course, but different sorts of ones). Up till now I've been writing this hobby game stuff here on LJ, but the audience is becoming increasingly limited, and quite a few of the people who still do read this journal aren't really interested in that sort of thing anyway. For those of you who are, I'll post links here when I put something new up there, of course, and I hope you will carry on commenting! The RSS feed is http://blog.ukg.co.uk/feed/, as you might have expected.

To kick it off, I've exported into it from here various past posts about game stuff, mostly about my own designs. This includes your comments on the posts. These were pretty much all public posts anyway -- those that weren't, it was to spare my embarrassment at the half-baked idea rather than for any reasons of privacy -- but if you'd like any or all of your own comments removed or edited, please do say.

Hope to see some of you over there as well as here!


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8th Dec, 2013 16:04 (UTC)
Hurrah! Seems like a great idea. :-)

9th Dec, 2013 09:00 (UTC)
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