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Murder mystery playtest: interested?

We're testing a new murder mystery game in London (at a centralish pub yet to be confirmed) on the afternoon of Sunday 26th January: would you like to come along?

It's called A Speakeasy Slaughter and is set in 1920s Chicago, with gangsters, showbiz, Prohibition and all that kind of stuff:

"Welcome to Fat Stan’s top secret underground speakeasy in Chicago.

It’s been a busy night. One of Stan’s pals, Scabface, was shot down by a masked assailant in front of everybody during the interval.

The doorkeeper swears that nobody came in or out of the only exit for the last hour, so the killer must still be in here. Is it something to do with the gang wars that have been flaring up all over the city, or is showbusiness the motive?

And more importantly: will the killer strike again?"

And here are some links to blurb PDFs with more details:
If you'd like to give it a go, or are intrigued but cautious and want to learn more, please do comment below or drop me a line (mo at freeformgames dot com). We want ideally a mix of experienced people and newcomers, so everyone's very welcome.