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Blog: Rainbow Towers

New blog post up about a dexterity game idea: Rainbow Towers!


13th Jan, 2014 12:24 (UTC)
What happens if the tower that collapses takes others down with it?
13th Jan, 2014 12:30 (UTC)
That's why people have to announce the height of each tower as they place their block: so that they will (hopefully) remember how high the highest other tower was, if it too gets knocked over in the carnage.

Other than that, no difference: it's still basically that the knocking-over player scores 0 no matter how many towers they take down collaterally, while everyone else scores.
13th Jan, 2014 12:31 (UTC)
Shame, 'cause I could have entirely seen a player who knew they were about to place the losing block attempting to do so such that another tower (or towers) went down in the resulting mess ;)
13th Jan, 2014 12:38 (UTC)
Mm, I thought that would be a bit too easy as a spoiler tactic!