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Sheet really happens

Right, I've got permission from the Reversed Engineer guy to use his idea about a contest to design a (very small) RPG based on a character sheet designed by someone else.

(Here's my original post about it.)

At the moment there's been interest from lathany, bateleur, seondhand_rick, smiorgan and ar_gemlad's friend Tony P. And me of course. Any more for any more? If you'd like to give it a go, just drop me a comment below / a mail, or leap straight to sending in the character sheet. (And please do feel free to pass it on to anyone else who you think might be interested.)
The challenge- Design a character sheet. NOT A GAME. Just a character sheet. You have until 8th October 2006 to send it in. Everyone may submit a design, but they may only submit one. Submit it in any sensible format that isn't going to require the opener having various obscure fonts installed.

After 8th October the sheets will be distributed to the designers (randomly and anonymously, but you won't get your own one back). Using only the character sheet as a guide, the designers will have until 29th October 2006 to design a game that uses that character sheet.
Note that the game should be very short -- no more than two sides. And obviously it doesn't have tobe tested, complete, detailed, or anything like that -- the idea is just to come up with a cool and interesting-looking game skeleton. It should be a reasonably conventional RPG, ie. you sit round a table to play it, using a pencil and paper.

Note also that unlike the original version of the challenge, I'm not going to tell game designers whose character sheet they've got.

Any questions for public consumption, comment here; any secret questions, mail me -- otherwise, get started!
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